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Our goal at Ignite Development Agency is to support small business development and the rejuvenation and growth of local economies. We believe the economic development of a community cannot be achieved in a silo or through a document on a shelf; instead, we focus on providing practical integrated solutions to support both communities and local businesses. This has proven to be the most effective strategy to create resilience and growth.

Led by a certified economic developer, Ignite Development Agency is well experienced in working with communities in achieving economic development objectives. Learn More

Community and Business Level Strategy

Ignite Development Agency is proficient in guiding and helping communities to develop their local economies. From strategy, planning, implementation, to execution; Ignite Development Agency partners with communities to achieve practical and sustainable results.

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Community Economic Development Services

Business Planning Services

Whether you want to rework an existing plan or create a new one that will help you get more funding and better investors, Ignite Development Agency has the right tools and advice to create a plan that is 100% you.

Find out the Steps To Your Ideal Business Plan

Ignite Development Agency : Business Plan Review Services

Ignite Development Agency is a young company, quickly making its mark as a premium provider of business plan review services, providing entrepreneurs and start-ups with professional feedback on their plans, designs, and market strategies.

Ignite Development Agency : Business Plan Writing Services

We guide business owners to create a customized, personalized, and comprehensive business plan that is tailored to their goals.

Ignite Development Agency : Presentation & Investor Pitch Deck Preparation

Want to maximize your chances of success? Get the expert advice you need to help your business flourish.

Ignite Development Agency Website Design Services using Google Website Builder "Google Sites".

The primary websites created by Ignite Development Agency come with default SSL, RSA Encryption, issued by Google.

Website Design

Looking for the most cost-effective website, that's responsive and user-friendly for your small business, not for profit or community group?

Ignite Development Agency designs beautiful, responsive and easy-to-use websites using Google’s Website Builder called Google Sites. Google Sites offer no hosting costs and is easy to maintain. We also design websites using WordPress, Square, and Shopify.

All websites designed by Ignite Development Agency are completely customized to match our clients' branding and style. Learn More.

Economic Development, Renewal & Revitalization

Find out how Ignite Development can help your destination improve its online visibility, allowing you to better control your community or region's digital image and brand.

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Community Economic Development Consultancy

The Ignite Development Agency builds communities and supports small business development. We work primarily with small businesses and municipalities with under 50,000 residents. We help communities identify areas of economic opportunity and help foster the growth of local businesses. This will lead to long-term sustainable economic renewal.

By providing solutions to support both communities and local businesses, we can create resilient, viable communities that drive economic development.


Talent When You Need It!

Ignite Development’s business model is based on an extensive network of senior, highly experienced, independent consultants it can draw upon for expertise or to staff projects. Our professional, approachable partnership style and result oriented attitude ensures that our clients visions of success are achieved.

Our team of consultants, including business plan writers, content creators and social media managers, combine industry knowledge, skills, experience, result oriented attitude and a strong sense of business ethics. Contractors are selected based on their years of experience and graduate degree level education.