Steps To Your Ideal Business Plan

Steps To Your Ideal Business Plan

Preliminary Steps Towards the Development of Business Plan

The preliminary step is to request a Free, No-obligation consultation. Once we have had our free consultation and you have decided to move ahead, you will follow the steps outlined below to develop your ideal customized business plan.

Steps For A Customized Business Plan

Request For Quotation

For a plan to be prepared based on your company's unique concept and brand, submit a request for quotation, telling us as much as you can about you business, the objective of the business plan and any specific requirements. This can be done after a free 15-30 minutes consultation or directly on our website using the “Request for Quote/Proposal form). A consultant will be in touch if additional information is required. Once all the information is received, a quotation will be prepared and forward to you for review.

Business Plan Writer Assigned and Questionnaire Completed

If you decide to move forward after receiving the quotation, a business plan writer will be assigned and will contact you to discuss your concept and requirements. The information that we require from you to write your plan will be gathered from conversations with your business plan writer, who will ask you casual, yet targeted questions along with a questionnaire that will be sent to you to complete and return to us. Our business plan writing service begins after you return the completed questionnaire to us.

Follow-up, Outline, and Financial Projections

A consultant will arrange a follow-up meeting to discuss the information you have provided and your business plan outline. In this meeting, we will work with you to determine your start-up expenses. We will also explore additional information required for your financial projections.

Business Plan Writing and Graphic Design

Your business plan writer will write your business plan within 2-4 weeks (depending on the scope, design work required, and purpose of your business plan). The graphic design work will begin during this phase.

Presentation of Draft Plan and Client Feedback

During this step, we will present you with a copy of the draft plan. After receiving the draft customized business plan, you will review and provide feedback. Your Response is required within 5 days after receipt of the draft plan. There is an automatic approval if no response is received within the specified timeframe.

Response and Revision

We will respond to all your comments or request for revision. Our goal is your satisfaction, we are responsive and will offer unlimited revision, based on our review timelines, until you are satisfied. In order to achieve this, we require responsiveness. All requests for revisions must be submitted within 5 days of the receipt of a draft.

Final Business Plan and Pitch Coaching Session

We will incorporate your requests and present you with a final business plan, developed based on your business plan objectives. Based on your plan objectives, we will facilitate a post-business plan coaching session, to review the key value proposition and risks, to help you to pitch your business to key stakeholders.