Strategic Business Planning 

Business Level Strategy

We guide business owners to create a customized, personalized, comprehensive, and integrated business plan that is tailored to their goals. 

Business Plan Writing 

Looking for help developing a 'go-to-market' business plan? Whether you want to rework an existing business plan, undertake exit planning, or create a new integrated business plan that will help you get more funding and better investors, we have the right tools and advice to create a business plan that is 100% you. We will work with you to highlight your value proposition to enhance your chances of success. 

The preliminary step is to request a Free, No-obligation consultation. Once we have had our free consultation and you have decided to move ahead, you will follow the steps outlined below to develop your ideal customized business plan. 

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Examples of business plan contents

1) Executive Summary (Your "WHY", Keys to Success, Financing Plan, Highlights of Market Analysis)

2) Company Summary

3) Market Analysis (Market Size, Competitor Analysis, Market Segmentation)

4) Marketing Plan

5) Strategy and Implementation Summary

6) Management Summary

7) SWOT Analysis

8) Comprehensive Marketing Plan

9) Complete Financial Plan

10) Risk Analysis

Example of financial plan contents

1) Profit and loss (yearly and monthly)

2) Balance sheet (yearly and monthly)

3) Cash-flow Statement (yearly and monthly)

4) Start-up Costs

5) Sensitivity analysis

6) Ratio analysis

7) Revenue forecast model

8) Relevant graphs and charts

Purpose, Format and Language of Business Plans



Plan Format

Excel Spreadsheet

Word Doc


Purpose of Business Plan

Investors engagement

Loan application

Personal use


Business Plan Review 

Ignite Development Agency is an outstanding provider of business plan review services, providing entrepreneurs and start-ups with professional feedback on their plans, designs, and market strategies. Experienced reviewers can be hired for a regular review of your documents or occasional/one-off business plan reviews.

What is included in the business plan review?

Objective and professional feedback on your business plan strategy, goals, and presentation. This includes:

Our Strategy Presentations and Pitch Decks will help you make a clear, effective presentation to investors, lenders, partners, potential employees, and stakeholders. We can help you present your idea in a compelling way and with your target audience in mind.

Presentation and Investor Pitch Deck Preparation

Successful entrepreneurs know that pitching their ideas to an investor is one of the most difficult parts of their journey. They've got a great idea, and they've got a great business plan to back it up, but they need just a little more than that to help sell their idea. This is where a Pitch Deck comes in!

Please contact us or book a free consultation to discuss the purpose of the presentation, your requirements, and project fit. 

Example of presentation contents

The final presentation/ investor pitch deck will include the following tentative slides depending on project scope and budget:

Language and Format of Presentation


Delivery Format

Delivery Timeline and Revisions

All Ignite Development's Business Planning Services include unlimited revisions, subject to service guidelines.

The standard Strategy Presentation or Investor Pitch Deck is prepared in 7 days. 

We understand the cashflow issues and fluctuations in work pressure faced by small businesses. We will provide you with the support your need, when you need it, so you can focus on the reason you went into business in the first place.

Virtual Assistant

Ignite Development offers a variety of affordable support services for small businesses. Our small business support services include:

Have a special request? Ignite Development offers customized services, contact us to learn more.

Coaching and Training

Business Planning 

Idea Development

Ignite Development Agency has a proven track record in supporting the development of successful businesses and has worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop their business ideas and creating the framework for their businesses with the creation of business model canvases. 

Business Planning 


Ignite Development Agency's business plan development workshops present the critical elements of an effective business plan. The workshops assist participants in looking critically at their business idea, proposed business model and structure, and their underlying assumptions. Ignite Development Agency guides participants through research techniques, market analysis, and developing a strategic marketing plan, sensitivity analysis, pricing, and other financial requirements. Contact us to learn more.

 What is a Business Model Canvas?

The Business Model Canvas is a visual business plan which gives you a simple and easy way to fill out the details of your business idea. Together with the idea development techniques, it is a powerful tool to help you turn your idea into a business.

What is included in our Idea Development Services?

1. Two 30 minutes consultation sessions with an Ignite consultant.

2. A guide to evaluating your business idea and its viability

3. Access to resources available to start-ups

4. Basics of a business plan

5. A 1-page visual lean business plan to use to initiate conversations

*All prices quoted in Canadian dollars.